The Name Game.

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What I’ve Been Up To…

What have I been up to? Well, I’m interested in the GMC Jam, so a little bit of my time has been dreaming up ideas about that… oh, and school started. Yuck.

Oh, now onto the game… linx and I came up with a name, “Itineris”. It was the name of a project I started back in 2004, but had to drop when the spriter disappeared on me/I became preoccupied with other things. It means “Of a Journey”, in Latin. And that’s what this game is about, a journey.

Most of the programming is done, so now most of the work is design-oriented and coding in some of these new design things in. Level design is surprisingly difficult…

I’ll give a quick and dirty overview of the first area– the “Village”, or where the game starts. It’s a pretty small stage, with pretty much only one path by which the player can proceed. Mostly, it serves as a place for the player to get acquainted with controls and just get a hang of the physics of the player. It’s got some slopes, some water, some houses, NPC’s– the usual. Well, as soon as linx gets to them. I’m trusting linx to put some screenshots of the barebones area here. It’s mostly to show you that progress is being made. We’re planning on uploading some basic demos so we can get feedback on controls and such of the game. Think of it as a “blog exclusive”. 😉

Not much has been made in terms of design from my end, except that I have written out a whole “flow” sheet for the game. We’re currently trying to think of some good mission ideas, besides the “get X from Y”…

Ugh, it’s late… peace

Linx’s Plaza:

Finally we have an official name!  I’m very glad about that heh.  I’ve been working on the village tiles (Almost finished actually), and soon i’ll be getting some NPC’s and more scenery done.  After all of that comes the background, and then the village will be pretty much finished (yay!).

I also made a concept of a title screen, so here is lots of little art for you guys!


About linxinite

Founder of Linxinites, mainly a spriter/graphics artist, though i would like to know a bit about programming.
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5 Responses to The Name Game.

  1. joe shmooee says:

    That last screenshot looks seriously messed up.

  2. linxinite says:

    The village was damaged @_@?

    • CubinJ says:

      Lol =P well even I think that the top of the ground could be less slanted, cause it looks a tad odd when the player is perfectly side-view IMO. And if it was destroyed, at least add holes in the wall, cracked wood, and bent bolts :].

      …JK you don’t have to do that, but it would be legit.

      More importantly, make sure you are ON tomorrow man!
      I will need you T.T

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