Gettin the ball rollin’

Takagi’s Work Site:

Hey all,

So linx(a bunch of numbers go here) and I are working on a game together. I’m always cautious of working with people who have tons of numbers in their screen name, but for him, I made an exception. 😉

Um… I dunno exactly what to talk about. I’ll talk about the programming first then. The GMC member brod has a wicked sweet movement engine, which I’m using, which saves me a lot of the headache about slopes etc. I made some modifications to it, to the extent that (I hope) if brod saw it in action, he wouldn’t be able to see I used his engine. I guess I’m just trying to justify myself and to show that I’m not an example ripper, but eh. No problem.

There’s not much intense programming being done anymore– most of the programming that remains is stuff that is relevant to either the audio portion of the game or stuff that is fundamental and specific to certain parts/areas of the game. We’ll wing it.

I’ll discuss what the game is about now, design-wise.

First of all, go play Seiklus (

) now. I’d say 50% of the things that I keep in mind while designing the game from this GM game, one of the best of all time. Seriously, play it. 

The game is similar to Seiklus in that there is no “order” per se to the levels. The player has the choice of exploring different parts of the world at different times, depending on where the player decides they want to go. I like this free-roaming type of game, as it provides a level of freedom the platforming games I played as a child do not provide. I find that that is something that really helps immerse players into the game. Also similar to Seiklus, the point of the game is to collect different colored gems.

However, after that, things change a bit from Seiklus. In Seiklus, the gems are scattered around the world, but in our game, just exploring the world will not yield all the gems. Instead, some missions for NPCs have to be completed. Ooh, missions, the “m” word. Most of them will be simple things, collect X item from Y location, bring it back to me, etc. But I’m also going for some more interesting ones, hopefully incorporating puzzle elements.

Another thing is enemies. linx mentioned this, and when I wrote out a description for a potential project that was similar to this a while ago, people mentioned that the game MUST HAVE ENEMIES. So there are going to be enemies as well, another break from Seiklus. I envision them to be simple enemies, like Goombas or something, nothing too complicated (combat systems are a big pain).

There are some other differences that I’d discuss, but I think I’ve gone past my allotted space (and I want to keep you guys coming back!).

Linx’s Plaza:
Yeah, thats right, I get my own plaza.  But on a more serious note, welcome to the Linxinites blog ^_^.  I have no idea where the inspiration for the name came from ;P.
Art-wise the game has been going pretty well.  Getting the basic animations rolled, out and working on Tiles.
~Main Character
I can’t wait to start posting some actual mockups, though it’ll be a bit (possibly a week or so?) before that. Finally excited to get this blog rolling, and hopefully this will help even further with motivation.
Thanks for reading

About linxinite

Founder of Linxinites, mainly a spriter/graphics artist, though i would like to know a bit about programming.
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5 Responses to Gettin the ball rollin’

  1. CubinJ says:

    Linx. Dude I am so excited! Congrats on getting a project goin’ with Takagi :).
    As expected of my mentor…show off yo’ amazing artistic skills man!

    Good luck! I will probably be one of the first to review it haha…drop me a PM (GMC) if you can!
    Cya round!


  2. RpGJuNki3 says:

    Lovin that main character design yo ❤

    good luck on your new game man 🙂

    – JuNki3

  3. linxinite says:

    Thanks you two :). We’re actually progressing quite nicely. I think we’ll post a new blog update this weekend.

  4. orange08 says:

    Haha. Good luck you two! I hope the game is as good as you’re hyping it up to be 😛

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